SBOC Welsh League Event - Margam Park - 3 December 2006

Organiser's Comments
Personally I like Margam Park and Graig Fawr Woods; they give you a nice mix of terrain. Well done to Margaret and Niall for their courses and all the work they put into the event. A very low turnout for SBOC (less than 50) perhaps due to the change of date and clash with other events (e.g. SHI and National). But I think those who ran enjoyed it. Seemed that our most difficult task on the day was erecting a tent - took eight people about an hour! - 'too many cooks' I think.
Roger Stein


Planner's Comments


Controller's Comments
Well we survived the weather and in fact the day was good. Margam is an interesting area with real changes in terrain. However the numbers of fences and gates makes planning difficult. Margaret did well to plan challenging course for all levels in such circumstances. I asked her to keep the courses short and they were all on the lower limits of the recommended lengths, however, being a physical area it still meant people got their money's worth. Thanks to Roger and his team of helpers who ensured the event ran smoothly.
Niall Reynolds