Controllers Comments – Broughton Burrows 16th June 07


When BOK suggested that we get together with SBOC to combine our club weekend with the Mid Summer on Gower weekend, I didn’t think I’d end up controlling one of the events – but we’d offered to make a contribution to the weekend and it was good to be asked.  The prospect of controlling at Broughton was a little more intimidating than the other events I’ve done in our area, but in fact it turned out to be enjoyable and very rewarding.  Roger was easy to work with (although his experiment with some new masking tape to tag the sites wasn’t entirely successful – very brightly coloured but unfortunately not very resistant to the Atlantic wind) and he was also kind enough to let me use his caravan for the weekend while I checked control sites.  His attention to detail meant that we only had to make a few very minor adjustments before the courses were finalised and I hope everyone enjoyed them. Unfortunately on the day control 222 went missing (courtesy of some young lads who later owned up), but this was replaced within 20-25 minutes and I think it affected only a handful of people, mainly (if not exclusively) from BOK.  I hope this didn’t spoil what was otherwise an excellent, sunny day out in the dunes.


Chris Kelsey




Planner's Comments


I enjoy planning on an area like Broughton Burrows and as we have had several events there previously we have a good idea of running times, etc. From comments received it seems that people all enjoyed their courses, though I did feel the day was spoilt a bit when one of the controls went missing. My thanks to Chris for doing a good job with controlling the event and special thanks to all those who volunteered to collect some controls (and in some cases go out again for a few more – thanks Phil). It makes the completion of the event much more satisfying if everything can be brought in soon after the event finishes.

This was out first use of pre-printed courses and maps on waterproof paper. The weather didn't test it to the full, but I'd be pleased to receive any comments on this aspect of the event.


Roger Stein



Organiser’s Comments

Organising my first league event-no problem but I soon realised there was more to it than I’d expected…firstly there was the club champs to think about, then the issue of overprinted maps how many do we need and what with glorious weather  forecast would this mean parking problems? So guidance from Niall and Roger (who went outside his boundary of planner to help me) ensured the event ran smoothly. It makes a huge difference when you have confidence in the people as they go about their task, they are so familiar with their task and so generous in their offer of help so a big thank you to them all. Great weekend in all, excellent orienteering, great social and weather for the most was great, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.


Margaret Reynolds.